Understanding Our Price List

When looking through our price list, you'll notice it's fairly in-depth. We believe our pricing structure, while unique, provides customers with the most accurate and fair price possible. With so many size, color, and quantity combinations possible, we feel there's a need to offer a price that's specific to each.

We encourage you to learn how to use our price list, as this will result in quicker turnaround. However, if you prefer to have a sales team member quote your orders, that's great too. When you're first getting started, a Howard Custom Transfers team member will be able to suggest money saving tips, such as ganging your artwork. Even seasoned vets need a reminder from time to time!

What information do I need to price an order?

There's a few things that will be absolutely necessary to determine a quote.

1. Artwork: Is your artwork a vector or non-vector?
2. Colors: How many colors are in your design?
3. Size: What dimensions do you want your heat transfers printed?
4. Quantity: How many images total will you need?

vector vs. non-vector

Our price list follows a simple "vector vs. non-vector" structure. We have no set-up fees, and instead we offer two pricing tables. Based on your artwork you should either follow the vector artwork pricing or the non-vector artwork pricing.

Vector artwork files require little to no manipulation for print preparation, while non-vector files require our production artists' time to prepare for production.

Vector Artwork

  • Any template, clipart, or typestyle from any of our artbooks

  • Transfer re-orders

  • Vector artwork (some exclusions may apply, including images that were poorly traced from a bitmap)

  • Color separated high-resolution bitmaps, 300 dpi or higher when sent sized correctly

  • Typically in the following file formats: CDR, AI, PDF, EPS, SVG

non-vector artwork

  • Fax copies

  • Art from an old transfer or garment

  • Low resolution files or scans

  • All multi-color generic bitmap files

  • Any design NOT qualifying as a standard

  • Typically in the following file formats: JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF


What is a price break?

You'll notice on the sample pricing structure above, the quantities are listed in increments. This is what we call a price break. For example, if you needed 64 images in an Adult Full Chest size, it would make more sense to order at the 72 image price break than the 48 image price break because the price per image decreases. Yes, you'll have 8 extra transfers but the total price will be lower.

Price of Standard Adult Full Chest size 1 color, 64 images @ $1.99/sheet: $127.36
Price of Standard Adult Full Chest size 1 color, 72 images @ $1.70/sheet: $122.40

what is ganged artwork?

Perhaps the greatest advantage of screen printed heat transfers is the fact that because they're being screen printed onto a carrier sheet and not directly onto the garment, multiple images can be grouped onto the same sheet. This is what we refer to as "ganging". This is also a great opportunity for you to up-sell your customer. View our gang sheet sizes here.


A typical adult full chest image is about 10.5" x 12",  but if you placed this image on a large gang sheet (12.5" x 14.5") you would have room for a strip size image (3" x 12").

Price of Standard Adult Full Chest size 1 color, 36 images: $89.28
Price of Standard Strip Size 1 color, 36 images: $74.52

Price of Standard Large Single Image Gang Sheet (customer ganged) with Adult Full Chest and Strip Size on one sheet 1 color, 36 sheets: $102.96

As you can see, by ganging your artwork you would save $60.84