Gang Sheets

Ganging, or printing multiple images on the transfer carrier, is a great way to maximize your investment.

Oversize Gang

12.5" X 17.5"

Oversize Gang Sheet

Large Gang

12.5" X 14.5"

Large Gang Sheet

Small Gang

10.5" X 11"

Small Gang Sheet

Single Images

If your image fits within one of the sizes below, it can be priced as a single image.
If you are supplying your own artwork, you may gang multiple images within any single image size.

Low Profile Cap/Visor

2" X 4.25"

Low Profile Cap/Visor

Large Cap

3" X 5"

Large Cap


4.5" X 4.5"

Heart Region


3" X 12"

Strip Size

Youth Full Chest

7" X 10.5"

Youth Full Chest

Adult Full Chest

10.5" X 12"

Adult Full Chest