How To Maintian Your Heat Press

In the heat printing industry, it's extremely important to do regular maintenance checks on your heat press machine(s).  These things are our life line, our bread and butter.  Without them, well, let's face it...we'd be lost!  Being proactive in maintaining machinery is a key component to running an efficient heat applied garment decorating company. While all brands and models vary, there are several things to test/do on a regular basis.  Three main items include:

Testing Surface Temperature

Testing the surface temperature of your heat press can be done with a pyrometer, heat resistant temperature strips, or a digital infrared thermometer.  We recommend testing the surface temperature of the heat press using heat resistant temperature strips or a pyrometer.  Digital infrared thermometers will work, but the other tools will give you a more consistently accurate reading.

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Testing For Consistent Pressure

Testing for consistent pressure over the entire surface of your platen can be done by performing what many people call "The Dollar Bill Test".  This test is done by hanging a dollar bill halfway on, and halfway off your press.  Now, close your press and try to pull the dollar bill out.  The currency should be firmly pinched between the top of your press and the platen.  If your dollar comes out without significant effort, your should contact your heat press supplier for further service suggestions.

Dollar Bill Test.jpg

Grease Any Moving Parts

Some brands/models come with actual grease fittings for grease guns, while others are simpler and just need grease or spray lubricant applied as needed.  Be sure that your grease or lubricant is heat resistant.

We recommend monthly checks on your pressure and temperature if you are using your heat press every day.  You should grease moving parts according to your manufacturer's guidelines.  If you believe your heat press is beyond your personal maintenance recovery, contact us for repairs.  And if you're interested in a shiny new heat press machine, we're an authorized distributor of Insta heat presses, offering a variety of manual and automatic presses and accessories.  We can help you pick out the perfect press to meet your company's needs.