Save Money Using Gang Sheets

One of the greatest advantages of Screen Printed Heat Transfers is being able to make use of gang sheets. This simply means you're able to put multiple images on the transfer carrier and cut them apart before applying. This helps save time and money. 

Below, we'll walk you through an example using our Price List where ganging your artwork turns out to save you quite a bit of money.


For this example we will use a Large Gang Sheet which is 12.5" x 14.5".

A typical Adult Full Chest image is about 12" x 10.5". This would give us enough left over room for a Strip Size image which is usually 12" x 3".

For this particular design, however, our Adult Full Chest image only measures out to 12" x 7". This gave us extra room for a couple of Heart Region images which measure at 4.5" x 3".

learn more about our gang sheet sizing

Large Gang.png


Price of vector Adult Full Chest 3 Color, 36 images: $215.28
Price of vector Heart Region 3 Color, 36 images: $159.84
Price of vector Strip Size 3 Color, 36 images: $179.28
TOTAL: $554.40

Price of vector Large Gang Single Image (customer ganged) 3 color, 36 sheets: $249.84
Price of vector Large Gang Different Images (we will gang for you) 3 color, 36 sheets: $261.00

As you can see, the savings are significant. If you gang your own artwork, you will save $304.56 and if you have our production artists gang your artwork for you, you will save $293.40.


Not only were we able to save hundreds of dollars, but we were able to efficiently decorate the front, back, and bottom of this tank with a cohesive design.