Gang Sheet Tips & Tricks

Gang sheets are a great way to save money by placing multiple images on the transfer carrier and cutting them apart before applying. Here are some tricks to getting the best bang for your gang sheet buck:

Flip Images to Fit More

In the video example below, at first glance it seems as though only two images will fit on the large gang size sheet. However, by flipping one of the images we were able to fit three logos instead of the initial two. It may take a little more time to cut the images apart, but depending on quantity it could be a significant savings.

learn how to save money using gang sheets


Use every inch of space on your gang sheet -- it's yours to fill up how you wish. Have enough space for an extra heart logo? You can attempt to upsell your customer by offering this print location at a discounted price. You can also throw your own logo on the sheet and make a couple extra work shirts for you or your employees.


see all of our gang sheet sizes here

Our gang sheets come in three sizes: Small Gang (10.5x11), Large Gang (12.5x14.5), and Oversize Gang (12.5x17.5). However, if you'll be ganging your own artwork you're welcome to use any of our sheet sizes including Low Profile Cap (2x4.25), Large Cap (3x5), Heart (4.5x4.5), Strip (3x12), Youth Full Chest (7x10.5), or Adult Full Chest (10.5x12). This is a great money saving tip. Here's an example of how ganging on a smaller sheet versus a larger sheet can save you money:

NEEDED: 50 1-color images at 3"x3" customer ganged
OVERSIZE GANG: 6 sheets - total $60.54
LARGE GANG:  6 sheets - total $55.20
YOUTH FULL CHEST: 12 sheets - total $47.28