3 Ways to Upsell Your Customer

1. Multi-Color Designs

Howard Hot Peel 2 Color Design

Howard Hot Peel 2 Color Design

One way to nudge your customer into spending more money with you is offering a multi-color design. Even if they only requested a single color design, you can create two mock-ups and give them a choice: one mock-up exactly as they requested and another with a more intricate design using 2 or 3 colors. They may be more inclined to upgrade their order after seeing how great the digital rendering looks.

2. Mixed Media Designs

Creating mixed-media designs is another way to offer a high-end product in an attempt at up-selling your customer. Many of our screen printed heat transfers as well as our Precision Cut vinyl heat transfers can be combined to create a mixed-media transfer. For example, Howard Multi-Purpose, our best-selling screen printed transfer, can be combined with GlitterVintage Wash, and Glow in the Dark. Your customer could be willing to spend the extra cash for this type of high-end look.

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3. Multi-Location Printing

Print Multiple Images with Gang Sheets

Perhaps the easiest and most effective way to upsell your customer is to offer another print location. Let's say they're looking for a full front design. Using a gang sheet to keep it cost-effective on your end, you can offer a sleeve print or even a custom hat to match the t-shirt. Create a "bundle price" to make this deal even sweeter.

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